Dear Delegators

In the realm of cryptocurrency, we, as passionate ADA enthusiasts, have established Cardano1st, a stake pool in Switzerland. Committed to Cardano's vision of global financial inclusion and transparency, we prioritize sustainability by powering our operations with green energy.

Cardano1st is more than a stake pool—it's a symbol of eco-friendly crypto operations. With top-notch hardware, we ensure security, resilience, and performance, contributing to Cardano's network reliability. Our team is a dynamic combination of extensive experience and youthful energy.

Join us in shaping Cardano's future as a leading decentralized platform. Delegate to Cardano1st for a stake pool that prioritizes sustainability, resilience, and positive impact. If you have any questions or simply want to share your thoughts, our virtual door is always open.

Thank you,

Cardano1st Staking Pool